WEG Electric Machinery Company (WEM) History

For over 100 years, Electric Machinery Company (EM) has earned its reputation for designing, manufacturing, and servicing large, custom-engineered electrical motors and generators in the U.S. and worldwide. We serve oil and gas refinery, chemical, utility, general industrial, pulp and paper, and municipal markets. EM has earned a reputation for design innovation by developing the:

The photograph above is a two-pole, direct-current type motor , rated 7.5 hp, 1350 rpm, 220 volts. Manufactured approx. 1898.  It weighed approx. 800 lbs and cost $175.00. We still have the motor running in our lobby today.

  • First High-Starting-Torque Synchronous Motor
  • First Solid-State Brushless Excitation System
  • First Vertical, Self-Contained Hydrogenerator
  • First Automatic Starting System for Synchronous Motors
  • First 2-Pole Induction Motor Design to Operate
  • Below its First Critical Speed

EM pioneered its Duraguard™ insulation system in the early 1970’s. Today, EM’s Duraguard™ process, using epoxy resin tape and vacuum/pressure impregnation (VPI), is recognized as the benchmark of the industry.