Electric Machinery Vision & Mission

Electric Machinery Vision & Mission


Be the global leader for products and services provided through WEG Electric Machinery.


Achieve continuous and sustainable growth providing high value products and services to our customers while maintaining simplicity and adhering to our core values.


We value People

We encourage integrity, ethics and constant support to personal development.

We value Team Work

We respectfully work together to achieve positive results corporately and personally.

We value Efficiency

We strive to improve daily in all aspects of our personal and professional endeavors.

We value Flexibility

We encourage, anticipate, and embrace change.

We value Innovation

We pursue new technologies and ideas to create solutions.

We value Leadership

We must lead to provide the best customer experience in our industry.

Electric Machinery Quality Policy

Through the continuous development of our employees and systems, Electric Machinery is committed to providing our Customers superior value and authentic quality, meeting or exceeding their expectations.