Universal Tester WEG Electric Machinery (WEM) provides and supports controls for motors, generators, brushless exciters and magnetic drives including:

  • Synchronous motor excitation power supplies and controls
  • Microprocessor based Sync-Rite™ control
  • Regutron III Ampli-Speed™ Controller
  • Generator voltage regulator systems

For synchronous motors, WEM offers an exciter field power supply (EFPS) assembly provides adjustable excitation to the synchronous motor’s brushless exciter field. The EFPS consists of control and power devices mounted and prewired on a steel insert panel. The insert panel is normally mounted in a customer supplied enclosure; however, the enclosure can be provided to customer-required specifications. Automatic VAR/PF controllers are also available, where required.

WEM also offers a "Universal Tester" for troubleshooting and testing solid state excitation components mounted on synchronous motor revolving rectifier wheels, including Sync-Rite™ control and filter, Diodes and SCR’s.