Duraguard™ VPI Insulation System

Duraguard™ VPI Insulation System The Duraguard™ Insulation System is used in the construction of stator windings for motors and generators built by Electric Machinery Company. This is a Class F insulation system with a voltage range of 1,000 to 15,000 volts. Duraguard™ is a sealed insulation system capable of passing the water immersion test as specified by NEMA, IEEE and API standards. All coils are form wound and insulated with glass reinforced mica tape. The coils are wound into the stator core, connections are made and insulated, and coil ends are blocked and tied for support. The entire stator is vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) in an epoxy resin.

The Duraguard™ fully vacuum pressure impregnated, epoxy-mica, insulation system offers:

  • Full Class F (155°C) thermal capability
  • Outstanding dielectric properties
  • Superior moisture and chemical resistance
  • The superb mechanical integrity of an epoxy resin system

EM’s Duraguard™ insulation system is featured on the following product lines: