Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas WEG Electric Machinery (WEM) has manufactured motors and generators for the petroleum industry for the greater part of the past century. WEM understands that every application is different and will work with the customer to meet their needs.

Motors can be designed to API Standards, where applicable; meeting welding, structural, vibration and testing requirements. This helps customers avoid costly down time because the motors start and run reliably, with these other advantages from API design:

  • Stator core laminations are C-5 quality or better to withstand winding burnout if rewinding is required.
  • Low impedance ground path is welded to the back of the machine’s core to divert surges in the power system away from the motor, preventing damage.
  • Factory balancing provides low vibration for smooth field operation. Dynamic balancing at full operating speed is standard for rotors above 600 rpm. Static balancing is standard for 600 rpm rotors and below.
  • Starting conditions and starting capabilities are per API requirements.

Motors can be built for operation in classified hazardous areas per NEC or IEC/EN (ATEX) requirements. For synchronous motors, standard brushless excitation is non-sparking for hazardous atmospheres.

Typical applications include:

  • Centrifugal compressor motors
  • Reciprocating compressor motors
  • Extruders
  • Expanders
  • Pumps