Brushless Exciters

Electric Machinery Brushless Exciters WEG Electric Machinery’s (WEM) brushless excitation system consists of a high frequency AC generator (armature & field) and rotating rectifier bridge.

WEM’s brushless excitation system provides high reliability through elimination of brushes, collector rings and carbon dust, which in turn greatly reduces inspection and maintenance costs. Rotating rectifier redundancy with detection of diode failure which in operation allows for more convenient maintenance intervals.

WEM is the industry leader in brushless excitation for 2 pole turbine generators with over 500 units installed. WEM brushless exciters are used by generator manufacturers worldwide to meet brushless requirements.

WEM brushless exciters offer customers many advantages including:

  • Series redundant diode designs and parallel fused diode designs are available to ensure continuous service
  • Various designs are available to match current voltage and shaft mounting arrangements
  • No exciter outboard bearing is required which eliminates alignment problems associated with three bearing arrangements
  • The shaft driven permanent magnetic generator pilot exciter provides a reliable source of exciter field power that eliminates bulky power transformers and dependence on station battery for field flashing
  • Short circuit sustaining capability provides fault current support
  • No heavy bus work or cable connections are required between excitation cubicles and the generator, thus simplifying installations
  • Large expensive field field circuit breaker and field discharge resistors are not required
  • Compact voltage regulator hardware for installation and control panel or switchgear eliminates large excitation cubicles
WEM Capability Ranges
Output Range: 10-170 KW or 70-650 KW
Speed: 180-1800 RPM or 3000-3600 RPM
Voltages: 125-350 V (DC)
Amperage: 50-2000 Amps