Service & Repairs

Induction Rotor UT Inspection Some problems may require that the electrical power apparatus be returned to the WEG Electric Machinery (WEM) factory for service. Such a situation is generally dictated by the problem. Everything from subassembly to repairs to major overhaul can be performed in our facility. These jobs are totally supervised by WEM personnel all the way from dismantling through final test. The same care that is taken during new product manufacturing is adhered to in an overhaul job. Stackers, winders, and sub-assemblers all have specific duties to perform to get the equipment back into operating condition. Testers and final inspectors make certain that all the duties have been properly performed.

WEM’s in house repairs and services include:

  • Stator rewinds
  • Field (rotor pole) rewinds
  • Brushless exciter conversions
  • Upgrades
  • Refurbishments

In addition to servicing and repairing WEM equipment, WEM also is committed to offer our experience, facilities and talents to repair motors and generators manufactured by others. This commitment is offered in order to give our customers a single source of help whenever they have a major motor or generator problem, regardless of the brand name of the machine.

These services provide our customers the opportunity to meet with our design and service engineers to fully analyze the problem and jointly decide on the best and most economical solution. Our services are available for every service need.